Miles of pristine white sand, clear water which glistens from the beaming sun above and perfect swimming conditions due to the security of the bay from the open sea.​​​​​​​
You can walk from one side of the bay to the other. When the tide starts to reside in the afternoon, the bay is even shallower and small sand islands start to appear. For the best views of Balandra Beach and the bay, climb one of the surrounding hills.
There is one hill which is easy to climb and offers the best views of Balandra Bay.
Hike up the cliffs for incredible views of La Paz and the Sea of Cortez, or walk around the cliffs to take in Baja California Sur’s famous, precariously balanced mushroom rock, Hongo de Balandra. Shaped by wind and water (and fortified by human ingenuity when nature had other plans), this regional symbol appears on license plates, on postcards, in front of the cathedral, and on many Instagram feeds.
Paddle into the intimate bays located along the jagged coastline and watch the rich marine life unfold before your eyes. You can also spend your day exploring the shallow waters, quiet coves and mangroves in Balandra Bay. Explore the Bay of La Paz or remote beaches by gliding over the tranquil, warm waters of the Sea of Cortez with your stand-up paddle board. 
SUP is an ideal way to combine a low impact workout with a tour of scenic sights difficult to reach by foot or by boat.
You will arrive at the parking area and after a few steps, the landscape opens up towards you. You’ll see miles and miles of pristine white sand, an impressive blue with the beauty of crystal clear, calm waters in a circular bay, red and rocky hills around it, and the possibility of accessing neighboring shipwreck bays.
In these bays which you can easily access by boat, you will find one of the most famous and characteristic symbols of the place: Balandra Mushroom.
This “mushroom” is nothing more than a rock formation in the form of… that, a mushroom. Balandra Mushroom also known as Piedra Balandra is where all the visitors take memorable photos to presume that they were in the most beautiful beach in Mexico.
The tranquility, peace and connection with nature that Balandra Beach offers you is undoubtedly unique, which is why it can be considered as an ideal beach.
On the other hand, it is impossible to make a list of the main qualities of Playa Balandra without mentioning its calm waters.
The tide is so soft and the depth so shallow that it is the ideal place to go as a family. You can walk tens and tens of meters towards the ocean and continue with a water level that can barely reach a meter.
Many of its visitors compare this bay with something they didn’t think possible “a natural pool”. In addition, the marine life in its crystal clear waters is impressive, so snorkeling is one of the most practiced aquatic sports in the place.
Finally, the last quality that Balandra Beach has is that not only the sea, the snorkel and the mushroom are its main attractions, but that you can also practice hiking and appreciate even better the beautiful landscape when taking a tour in the beautiful hills that surround the bay.
Therefore, it is easy to notice how it is not necessary to get a beach full of resorts and shops, because the truth is that visitors find more captivating to get a 100% natural place in which activities will be varied and they will get a real escape than staying in a 5 star resort.
It is no exaggeration to say that Balandra Beach is the best beach in Mexico, because its beauty is the magnet of all visitors to Los Cabos.
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